Lumitock, An Open Source LED Grid Clock

Love Nick Veys’ clock:

Lumitock is an “LED grid” clock, where the time is represented by the number of lit LEDs within a segment of the clock.

Lumitock is based on the Arduino platform, specifically using an Arduino Pro Mini 328 (socketed, I have commitment issues). It also uses a DS1337C RTC for time-keeping, and TLC5940 LED drivers to keep track of all that light. I used BatchPCB to fab some boards for it, and they turned out great. Very solid, and such an easy service when time isn’t much of a factor.

You can find the source files on github.

2 thoughts on “Lumitock, An Open Source LED Grid Clock

  1. That way of showing the time is 
    a) done on the TiX clock, and 
    b) patented
    It would at the very least be nice to credit the TiX clock folks.

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