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To date, most of our Weekend Projects, by design, have been battery-powered, save our inaugural project, the USB Webcam Microscope, which uses a USB cable (5V) as its power supply. In our Floating Glow Display project, the battery clip even provided a sculptural element, doubling as the base for our display. Our latest project still uses batteries, only now, you’ll never need to swap them out for fresh power! The Solar TV Remote project will teach you first and foremost how to fabricate a solar power pack capable of supplying two rechargeable AA batteries with 3V of renewable energy goodness!

My question – or challenge rather – for you Weekend Project modders out there is this: What else can you power with the sun? If your answer is lots of things, I say prove it! We still have a few Maker’s Notebooks available for our Weekend Projects Challenge, and I’d love to see someone mod this solar power pack into, say, a circuit-bent toy! And if you’re unsure about where to insert the rectifier diode or where to solder your power pack’s leads on a different device, don’t forget you can always email us your questions (or your tips and tricks!).

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