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Happy October! It’s only the first day of October and I’ve already put out the first round of Halloween decorations and am debating what I want to be for Halloween. Catching my eye right now is this Pac-Man ghost dress from Jes of Boober Cakes (and a fellow Michigan gal!). A nice tribute to Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, eh? If you want to match your favorite tiny Trick-or-Treater, there’s a junior version, too. Who’s got their costume, or a family member’s costume, figured out already?

2 thoughts on “Pac-Man Ghost Dress

  1. So cool! I have seen the Pac Man ghosts at a rugby competition but they were made from umbrellas. When the Pac Man they were with went onto the field to catch a rugby ball for a prize they tried to follow him on but security wouldn;t let them. so this is slightly more practical in terms of being able to see where you are going

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