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biocurious logoCome one, come all, science geeks, food lovers, Arduino hackers. Build a magical box with Arduino-inspired technology that will control the temperature of an appliance you hack, up to 0.1 degrees accuracy. October 15th at the BioCurious hackerspace in Sunnyvale!

  • Date: Saturday, October 15th
  • Time: 1 – 6pm
  • Class fee: $115 (Includes an $80 Ember Kit to make your own “meat jacuzzi”)
  • Click here to sign up!

All of the top restaurants in the world use sous vide machines to make make sure their proteins are perfect. It is a brilliant cooking strategy for so much more and it’s been hailed as the next microwave.

Rumbling in your tummy? Check out Sous-vide powered “Beer Bath Bratwurst” and “60 Hour Sweet and Sticky Beef Ribs” — nom!! Q and Abe also taught an Ember class at NYC Resistor you can read about here!

hacking arduinos and sous videhacking arduinos and sous vide

On Saturday October 15th, come and make your own sous vide machines with experienced food hackers, Q and Abe, from,, and In our class we will guide beginners from soldering to Arduino language and programming. Perfectly cooked snacks will be served.

Q (writer) and Abe (plasma physicist) are experts in the field of DIY Sous Vide and Open Source Technology. Their inventions and foods have been featured on FoodGawker, CNN, Maker Faire, and TasteSpotting.

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BioCurious Address:
845 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale
California, Earth

Also! For BioCurious-fun *this* weekend (Sunday, October 9th), Reto Stamm is teaching an intro class where you’ll build a volt meter, stop watch, and motor driver with Arduino — and on the path to hacking biotech hardware! Check it out here

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