Katy Arillaga built her first milk jug igloo on her elementary class’ rug. She built a version of this recyclable structure to Makre Faire Bay Area 2011. The first two layers contain water and provide stability to the rest of the structure, and is built upon using layers of fewer jugs until completed.
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8 thoughts on “Milk Jug Igloo: Katy Arrillaga

  1. I love the idea. However the picture was very limited and I was wondering if anyone else had completed one so a photo could be taken a bit farther away so I could see the whole completed project.
    I’m a bit confused as to how it actually would be when totally assembled.
    Thanks to anyone who has this info.

  2. Seems an expensive craft if we are talking about milk jugs. How many jugs do you need to make in igloo and adult and kid can fit into?? 50… 100? At $3 a gallon that could be a $300 igloo. Neat idea though.

    1. they dont mean buy milk jugs all at once… do it as you regularly go through them. whole point is to reuse and recycle, not just buy milk and waste it to build an igloo.

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