DIY Tyvek Mailer Stuff Sack

Check out this cheap and easy way to create a durable stuff sack for hiking or camping out of a Tyvek mailer, a length of paracord, and some dental floss. [via lifehacker]

12 thoughts on “DIY Tyvek Mailer Stuff Sack

  1. I am a photographer and would love to use Tyvek as a large light diffuser or reflector for outside shoots. However I can only find Tyvek in the Home Depo (and other) stores with the logo printed across the material over and over. Does anyone know of a source of large Tyvek sheets (just like they use for houses) but without the logo? I tried to contact the manufacturer but could not find a contact to get to.

  2. One problem- every tyvek mailer I get usually has a giant mailing label / packing slip thing stuck the one whole side of it.  I mean, I could pretend it’s not there as long as the bag is turned inside out and it’s not visible, but my OCD side has issues with that.

    Also, an alternative to using USPS envelopes would be to purchase a pack of tyvek mailers from your favorite office supply store…

  3. Just FYI,

    “This packaging is the property of the U.S. Postal Service and is provided solely for use in sending Priority Mail shipments. Misuse may be a violation of federal law.”I’m sure you’d be fine, but I wouldn’t head over to the post office and pick up a pile, turn em into bags and sell them on the internet.

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