In the Maker Shed: Brew it Yourself Root Beer Kit

Looking for some DIY fun for the family? The Brew it Yourself Root Beer Kit from the Maker Shed includes everything you need to brew root beer right in your kitchen. Make up to four gallons of delicious, old fashioned, naturally carbonated root beer at home in your own soda bottles.

14 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: Brew it Yourself Root Beer Kit

  1. Let’s see, when I was a kid we used the 5-5-5 recipe:  5 gallons of water, 5 pounds of sugar & 5 pounds of dry ice (plus enough root beer extract to taste).  No kit necessary.

    1. appreciate you root beer recipe. Am wondering about the dry ice. Does that dissolve to create the carbonation? I assume the results are non toxic. Pardon my ignorance. Thanx

      1. Yes, the dry ice provides the carbonation.  This was a recipe that my best friend’s dad would make for birthday parties, summer BBQ’s, church pot lucks, etc. The last time I watched him make it was almost 15 years ago.  He mixed it all up in a 5 gallon drink cooler (the bright yellow kind you see strapped to the back of city work trucks).  The carbonation was a little on the weak side.  To increase the carbonation you’d need to mix it up in a sealed container that could withstand the pressure developed by 5 pounds of dry ice!

        I sure hope it’s non-toxic.  I drank an awful lot of it growing up!!

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