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Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

We present the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera which captures a full spherical panorama when thrown into the air. At the peak of its flight, which is determined using an accelerometer, a full panoramic image is captured by 36 mobile phone camera modules.

[Via @Johl; Images courtesy of Jonas Pfeil, CC]

56 thoughts on “Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera

    1. Yes. However, The first one in the video is a lot better.  I don’t know if they represent different stitching software, or just how the device performs in different conditions.

      1. Great plug of open source :-D I didn’t know there was a Panorama app in the Ubuntu Software Center. Out of curiosity, do you know if the Hugin code is being used on bored any commercial phones or cameras? It seems to do a really good job at stitching and I try to do all I can to support open source projects :-)

  1. I think the military will find this useful. Just throw it up from behind a wall to see what’s behind. If it gets shot down, no human loss.

    1. You honestly think the army needs a ball with cameras when the have satellites that can count the hairs on your arms?

  2. i think make it a bit lighter n put a motor in it that can b able to throw air through 5 different holes. these holes must be below the equator of sphere. so that it can fly in the air n can reach up to desired level in the air by controlling it with a remote control. secondly converting it to video instead of snapshot is better so that it can b used as security camera. in this way only one 1 instead of various cameras ,putting at various angles, can b placed.

  3. Put better cameras on it, reprogram it to capture/broadcast photos remotely, then launch thousands into space in every direction simultaneously.  Matrix in Space!!!  Do you like photography, panoramas, 360 panoramas, film, video or anything in between?  Follow me on twitter @studionowlandon:twitter or fan us on facebook at

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