Mechanical Swamp Kirin Lumbers Around Maker Faire

Haley Who, as liaison for the Seabat family, guides the Mechanical Swam Kirin around Maker Faire Bay Area 2011. According to Haley’s tale, Evrin Seabat spotted the mythical Swamp Kirin in Japan and brought back documentation of it. His son Seth wanted one for himself, but since it would be impossible to have one of his own, his older sister Halo created a mechanical version for him.

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4 thoughts on “Mechanical Swamp Kirin Lumbers Around Maker Faire

  1. Uhh, Kirin (麒麟) is a giraffe. The images and myth surrounding it were assumptions and misconceptions based on descriptions of the actual animal. The illustration on cans of Kirin beer for example, those are some examples. It’s not just the giraffe that has these mythical incarnations – elephants, zebras, and even tapirs have “mythical” versions. Many temples and shrines even contain intricate carvings of the mythical version.

    It wasn’t just the imagery of the animal that got surrounded in myth either. The tapir for example was said to nourish itself by eating nightmares.

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