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Scratchbuilt:  Bell H-13D Sioux

More solid-gold scratch-building from The Internet Craftsmanship Museum. Shown here, the original M.A.S.H. helicopter in magnificent brass by modeler Ken Foran:

Ken…located a H-13D being restored in Canada, visited with them for two days shooting 10 rolls of film and numerous sketches with dimensions. He later located an engine rebuilder in Detroit that was rebuilding a Franklin engine; again a visit with rolls of film being taken. Ken also located and purchased original parts catalogs and erection manuals with more details and dimensions…To add features Ken also enabled the main rotor to turn the tail rotor and turn the cooling fan for the engine. Note the 1/8” diameter working universal joint.

The work is a commission for Fine Art Models, for use as a master from which to cast molds for a production run.

2 thoughts on “Scratchbuilt: Bell H-13D Sioux

  1. Nice. Wrong designation however. The ones that wore the 4077 legend and caused the entire idea of saving GIs that close to the front were actually that model name. What you guys are calling the whirly bird is her actual GI designation. Most of us know her by her civilian one. 

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