Tape Up a Coffee Filter to Catch Drill Dust

Clever idea I first saw in a recent issue of The Family Handyman. The flat-folding “cone” style filters will be easier to handle. It’s similar to the Post-It note trick, but less likely to leak out the sides. See also, e.g., the coffee cup trick for catching debris while drilling overhead.

14 thoughts on “Tape Up a Coffee Filter to Catch Drill Dust

  1. And when you are drilling holes overhead, use a pie pan or plastic bowl or something to catch the dust and keep it out of your eyes and from going everywhere.  Poke the drill bit through the pan, or the shaft of a hole saw through, then drill away.  Great for making recessed lighting holes!

  2. I use my vacuum cleaner for this. I hold the hose under the place I’m drilling. It does require me to hold the drill with one hand, but that’s what I’d do anyway. It lets almost no dust escape.

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