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Matt @ MAKE writes:

Candy Corn is a long-time staple of Halloween candy. In fact, the sweet treat has been around since the 1880s. In the video above, The Harvard Crimson tests a recipe from The Field Guide to Candy by Anita Chu. Watch to learn how to whip up your own batch of kernels using a few household ingredients: corn syrup, powdered milk, salt, vanilla extract, food coloring, sugar, and butter.

4 thoughts on “How-To: Homemade Candy Corn

  1. I am a candy corn addict. I would love to eat candy corn year round….however, I prefer the candy that has honey in it (like Brachs). I wonder if its possible to substitute honey for all that sugar.

  2. I haven’t tried it, but I would think you could substitute some honey for some of the corn syrup. They both should provide the necessary fructose.
    I’ve been making some mellow-cremes this season with good results, but I’ve been using an Alton Brown Recipe. I’ll have to try them with honey next.

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