Jeromina Juan’s awesome Brain Cap costume from the pages of CRAFT

It’s that time of year folks! Our favorite maker holiday is nearly here! I’m certain many of you have already started fabricating your cool costumes, fantastic props, and devilishly delectable edibles. If you’re already going to be making something, why not document your project and submit it to this year’s MAKE/CRAFT Halloween Contest? You could win some awesome prizes!

The contest is open through Nov 8th, 11:59pm, but be sure to document your making process. First, create your account on Make: Projects, then start your project. Like any good wiki, you can update your project as you, over the next two weeks. Simply add ‘halloween2011’ to the Keyword Tags field, and we’ll automatically include your project in the contest. Entries will be judged on Creativity of Idea: 25%; Project Execution: 40%; Quality of Documentation: 25%; and Presentation: 10%. So start making, and be sure to take some photos of your project in action this weekend!