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PLA Seed Bomb

Tony Buser’s F-Bomb packs soil and flower seeds into a bomb-shaped and biodegradable PLA shell.

Sure, there are cheaper and more efficient ways to do this… but… pfft… The idea is to stuff it with some compost and seeds and then throw it somewhere that you think could use some color, but you either can’t get to it or it’s where people wouldn’t appreciate seeing you digging around. Then wait for mother nature to dissolve the shell and make some magic.

8 thoughts on “PLA Seed Bomb

  1. Geez. In the shape of a bomb? If just one unknowledgeable person, sees these in a backpack or thrown over a fence, there will be major freak out.
    Many projects have brought about undeserved reactions, but bombs?!

  2. Is PLA biodegradable or bio*compostable*? How long will it actually take for this material to break down? From a PLA FAQ: “Our products require adequate amounts of heat, moisture and air to
    biodegrade. Unfortunately, conventional landfills do not fulfill these
    necessary conditions.” Apparently in a commercial composting facility, PLA could take up to 180 days to decompose! This stuff will likely never break down thrown over a fence somewhere.

  3. This seems like it’ll result in someone getting arrested. Which is a shame because I happen to think its pretty awesome.

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