Providence-based Betaspring Startup Accelerator Looking for Maker Companies

Providence-based Betaspring, a mentorship-driven startup accelerator program, is looking for maker companies for their Spring 2012 session (applications are due November 18):

Earlier this year, Betaspring expanded its network of mentors and resources to develop a dedicated track for physical technology companies. Accelerating physical technology companies is a natural fit for Betaspring, with Providence providing us with a strong community of makers, DIY technologists, and direct access to supporting organizations like the Rhode Island School of Design, the Steelyard, AS220 and the new AS220 FabLab.

We don’t pick favorites, but two of our star alumni companies are building physical technology ventures that serve as strong examples of Betaspring’s interest in and ability to accelerate seed ventures with a physical technology bent.

Betaspring ’09 alum NuLabel Technologies is developing new label technology that allows for the production of labels without liners… Betaspring alums GreenGoose are also showing off how digital meets physical with a product that uses wireless sensors (pictured above) to turn everyday activities and household products into interactive fun.


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