Make: Live‘s Halloween bash featured action stylist Anney Fresh, electrically-enhanced pumpkins aka “hack-o-lanterns”, and a costume parade by attendees at the party hosted by MakerBot in Brooklyn, NY. Matt and Becky open the show with an homage to The X-Files.

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Anney Fresh – Space Kitty and other costume characters

In costume as Mrs. Duchee, designer craftsperson and Emmy award-winning puppeteer Anney Fresh joins us to show and tell with her inflatable Space Kitty and talks shop & about creating and maintaining puppets for Jim Henson company. Some of Anney’s own puppets also join the party.

Pumpkin Hacks

Members of local hackerspace NYC Resistor show off their electrified, motorized, LED-adorned and otherwise hacked pumpkins.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration for a halloween costume, check out what our partygoers were wearing in the costume parade!

Show notes:

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