Very cool feature from David Kushner over at IEEE Spectrum, here quoted on the etymology of “Arduino:”

The picturesque town of Ivrea, which straddles the blue-green Dora Baltea River in northern Italy, is famous for its underdog kings. In 1002, King Arduin became the ruler of the country, only to be dethroned by King Henry II, of Germany, two years later. Today, the Bar di Re Arduino, a pub on a cobblestone street in town, honors his memory, and that’s where an unlikely new king was born. The bar is the watering hole of Massimo Banzi, the Italian cofounder of the electronics project that he named Arduino in honor of the place.

The piece goes on to describe the origins and evolution of Arduino designs up to the announcement, at Maker Faire New York 2011, of the 32-bit Arduino Due. Interesting reading! [Thanks, Sheena!]