Maker Seeking Help with Wind Turbine

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Maker Seeking Help with Wind Turbine

In the comments to an old post that Becky did in 2009, about Instructable user brokengun’s single-engine single rotor wind turbine (pictured above), a maker from India is trying to build a similar turbine and having problems:

I’m Mohammed from India, and I have been working to design a wind turbine (alternator), searched everywhere, but am not sure how to wire a coil. I don’t wanna give up, please forward me your email I will send an email of the rotor which I have made. It’s been a year, yet no progress. I tried all the possible ways to make such type of alternator (the one which you have made), I’m not getting any results, and have come to a conclusion that I need someone who can guide me on this. Please help (my email:

Can someone reach out and try and help him? And Mohammed, can you attach pictures of your rotor here and describe the nature of the problems you are having? I will also contact “brokengun” and see if you can chime in here.

How-To: Single rotor wind turbine

14 thoughts on “Maker Seeking Help with Wind Turbine

  1. Jay Stapleton says:

    Check out the links on that site as well.

  2. Jay Stapleton says:

    Check out the links on that site as well.

  3. Diep Truong says:

    Please refer to this link. The type of alternator described here may help:

  4. Diep Truong says:

    Please refer to this link. The type of alternator described here may help:

  5. Shawn Richardson says:

    the otherpower site is great and would be the one I would recommend.  But for reference, the part with the coils is called a stator. I figured that would be useful when searching for info.

  6. Ramz says:

    I have been through your recommended site, I’m finding it very help full; thanks for that, and also I would like to thank every one of you for your recommendation

  7. Ramz says:

    Gareth, I really want to make a small alternator, I have two discs each has 12 cm diameter, one for stator and another one is for rotor with magnets, is this possible? that should look like the image which I will attach with this comment, Thanks for your reply:
    The design image with the previous comment and this image should help you imagine the alternator I’m thinking of… 
    If I had to use the mentioned size discs, how many coils should be there and what type of magnets should I use, and the site you have suggested me I have already been through it…, it has got 9 coils, will this be reduced in the alternator which I’m thinking of? how many magnets should I use?, Distance between the magnets and the coils placed on the disc? how many turns should be there per coil? these are the questions on which my mind stops working….
    Gareth, I’m very glad you have replied to my post.
    Thanks and Regards

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