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I have my husband to thank for introducing me to the music of the lovely Laura Veirs a few years ago. In her latest e-newsletter, she included a video to accompany a DIY project that is printed along with the liner notes of her new CD, Tumble Bee. The album’s illustrations are done by artist Carson Ellis, whose artist series embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching are some of my very favorites from that series. I love when musicians are crafty.
Lisa Hannigan’s Stitched Sea Sew CD Cover
Paper Cut Art Featured in Lisa Hannigan’s Music Video

10 thoughts on “Making a Mobile With Laura Veirs

  1. I feel from just looking at Laura that I’d love to spend some time with her while she crafts. Don’t know about her singing, but I love her style!!!!

  2. Hooray! I’m so glad to see the LV love. She’s just dandy – such a beautiful voice and lovely lyrics. We were lucky enough to see her when we lived in Austin, and she was just delightful. My daughter recently asked my husband to load LV music on to her MP3 player, which we took as a big parenting win. ;)
    And if you like LV, you’ll also likely enjoy the Lisa Hannigan links I put in the Related section. She also has a beautiful voice/lyrics and is super crafty. <3 it!

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