Liquid Robotics’ Waveglider is an autonomous submersible that explores the ocean using the power of the sun and waves. As Roger Hine explains at Bay Area Maker Faire 2011, the Waveglider can either traverse the waters on its own, converting the up-and-down motion of the waves into forward propulsion, or can be controlled remotely by a user with a GPS satellite link.

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12 thoughts on “Liquid Robotics’ Waveglider Plumbs the Depths

  1. I don’t think this qualifies as a submersible.  It’s basically a surface vessel.  I’m with wikkit, I’d like to see more of the overall vehicle.

  2. You guys managed to produce a MTV style video about some technical device without showing the device! I guess not a single viewer has any idea how this thing looks after watching this. 
    Target missed (big way)!

  3. ‘Liquid Robotics’ newest innovation in the field of robotic wave gliders is a solar-powered robot named Alex, is swimming through the Atlantic Ocean off the cost of Puerto Rico, to collect vital information, which will be used to predict future tropical storms and hurricanes.

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