BREAKING NEWS – EAGLE V6 beta is here!

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CadSoft invites experienced EAGLE users to participate in testing new versions

CadSoft invites EAGLE users to participate in testing new versions of the EAGLE Layout Editor.

We suggest that only users who already have experience with previous versions of EAGLE participate in the beta test. If you are new to EAGLE please use our current release version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This beta version of EAGLE is NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE! Do not use it in any critical project, and only work with copies of your existing data files! Do not send board files created with this beta version of EAGLE to a board house – they may not yet be able to process the new EAGLE data files.
Any files written with this beta version of EAGLE will not be loadable with previous program versions!

Win, Linux and Mac downloads available. I’m going to download now and see if the new XML format is in this beta.

Update: It wouldn’t run as freeware version, mac/lion – will try pc version later.

Update 2: Here’s a fix, Andrew writes “I just got it to launch on Mac OS X Lion by copying …/EAGLE/bin/freeware.key to …/EAGLE/bin/EAGLE.key”

Update 3: Here ya go, XML is in there – check it out.

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