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How-To: Pistol Flamethrower

Scares off wildlife, starts campfires, melts ice, burns weeds, and works wonders on nose hair. What could possibly go wrong? The grip is built up from laminated laser-cut 1/8″ ply. Nice design from Instructables user PDRWLSN.

Update: It has been brought to my attention by concerned parties that a device that sprays clouds of burning hydrocarbon hither, thither, and yon could be dangerous under certain circumstances, for instance when operated by persons who feel obliged to point these things out in blog comments. Thanks for keeping me on my toes. Please use caution, friends.

14 thoughts on “How-To: Pistol Flamethrower

  1. I looked in to building a flamethrower a few years ago, but unfortunately, even possession of one is illegal in California and I don’t live in an area with enough space to do this discreetly :( 
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    This one is a very nice build.

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