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FabLab: What Would You Make?

Neil Gershenfeld Speaks (CC-BY Flickr member ensceptico via Wikipedia)

MIT’s Professor Neil Gershenfeld gave a fascinating and engaging talk at the Carnegie Institute of Washington, DC on November 3rd. The event was a benefit for the emerging FabLabDC, which is intended to provide a high-tech fabrication laboratory within sight of the US Capitol. In the talk, he presented a unique vision of a community-based roadmap for automated manufacturing, where “data into thing” becomes “data is thing.” Overall, a very interesting presentation, with lots to think about for technologists, urban planners, educators, and more. Other than a couple of small quibbles around a false dichotomy between hackerspaces and FabLabs, it was fascinating, informative, and a lot to get excited about. You can find a lot more info in the FabLab FAQ, and most of the slides presented at the meeting are can be found here.



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