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TriTrix MTM Speakers

Speaker design master Curt Campbell has created several dream kits for the audiophile, including the TriTrix. Featuring two 5.25″ Dayton Audio woofers and a single tweeter in MTM format, the final product has an easy, 8Ω load that can be used for audio or home theater systems. The transmission line kit includes precision-cut MDF for making the cabinets, which came together for me with a little wood glue and some clamps (I used five to make it easy on myself). With instructive online manufacturer videos and priced at only $259/pair, these speakers blow the roof off any competitor.

14 thoughts on “TriTrix MTM Speakers

  1. I’ve made the vented version (as opposed to the TL version shown)…they sound very, very good for a $200 set of speakers. however, there are other designs available that will easily surpass them ….if you’re willing to spend >5X the money.

    1. This is an 8Ω cabinet. Plugging it into your receiver will run your receiver at 8Ω, not 6Ω. Your receiver’s rating of 6Ω is the maximum Ω load it can take, not its constant output. The speaker determines the amount of Ω involved.

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