Herbie the Mousebot

I built this Mousebot with my son, who had just turned 10. At first, I had to show him how to solder and helped him align the sides (not too easy), but by the end he was doing all the work himself and enjoying the “toughness” of the assembly. This kit is simple, but it demands attention to detail. The fun directions include jokes for kids and adults. All in all, this is a great starter kit, but you’ll need a nice
soldering iron.

To get Herbie to work, we did have to change a few things from the directions. They tell you to use double-sided foam tape (provided) to attach the motors. However, when we did that, we couldn’t fit the battery in. We just removed the tape, reheated the solder to move the motor closer to the board, and glued it on with Sumo Glue. We also discovered that Herbie will not follow LED flashlights; they just don’t put out enough infrared.