Ever look at a project and think to yourself “that would freak out the TSA?” This new bomb Defusable Alarm Clock Kit now available in the Maker Shed definitely fits in that category. It’s just a regular clock with regular clock functions; it tells time, has a beeping alarm with snooze, has a big red DET button and a bunch of wires coming out of it…well, maybe it’s not that regular. Pressing the big red DET button starts a scary 10 second countdown sequence just like the bombs props in Hollywood movies. To “defuse” the clock there are four randomly chosen wires to cut; one wire saves the day, one “detonates” the clock, and two have no effect. The wires are randomly chosen every time the button is pressed for a new challenge every time. (The wires are held in with screw terminals for easy replacement, or just leave them a little loose so you can just pull out the wire.) The kit includes the electronics only, use your imagination to build the device you want.


  • Full featured alarm clock w/snooze.
  • Two alarm modes (normal and countdown)
  • Time stored in EEPROM (keeps time after brief power interruptions)
  • Big, scary DET button starts countdown sequence.
  • Screw terminals allow easy wire replacement (or leave loose to just pull the wires out)
  • ATmega 328 with Arduino bootloader for easy hacking
  • Requires 9V (200ma min) power adapter.

Note: This kit is just a clock with some wires. Please do not display it / use it such a way that would cause people to “freak out.” It is intended strictly for novelty. Use at your own discretion!

[Thanks for the tip John B!]