Vancouver-based makers eatART have been working away at their most recent creation, Titanoboa, a 50-ft. mechanical snake. They displayed the work-in-progress at this year’s Vancouver Mini Maker Faire, and it’s come a long way.

The idea behind this project is to provoke discussions of our changing climate and energy use in a historical context. This monstrous snake is based on a snake that existed 60 million years ago in the heat of a climate 6-8 degrees warmer than today.

Looking forward to some epic monster battles the next time around, now that the snake is close to completion. Charlie Brinson is the principal artist behind Titanoboa, and his team’s credits can be seen here.

[Editor’s Note: We also got a message from Crabfu about this robo-snake. He wrote: “It really is amazingly beautiful, especially seeing the snake and the spider together. It’s what we all want to see when someone mentions robots, but seldom do they deliver at an emotional level as they do in work like this.” -Gareth]