Workbench Hidden in an Ikea Shelf

Nikolaus Gradwohl of Vienna, Austria, built a cozy little workbench for his flat:

Since space is very rare in my flat I made a small workbench that is hidden in an ikea-shelf. I combined a folding table and an ikea shelf. Then I added some small cabinets with drawers and an adjustable lamp. I had to add some heavy stuff to the bottom of the shelf to prevent it from toppling over. Old computer displays and scanners that haven’t been ripped for parts yet are very convenient :-)

Now I have a workbench that’s big has a decent light and can be put away very easy when not in use.

10 thoughts on “Workbench Hidden in an Ikea Shelf

  1. That’s a very nice work area!  If you want it to last more than a year or two you should add some bracing to the shelves.  I know from experience that they will warp if they sit with any weight on them.  You will have the same problem with your bookcase.

  2. I’m sorry, but is this really Make material?

    It’s a stupid folding table connected to cheap shelving.  nothing hard to do at all, nothing clever, nothing big.

    Should I put in submission for like my milk crate cat seat?  Or how about my workbench, which is a desk with lights i fitted onto it?

    This isn’t up to Make standards and I am surprised it is here.

  3. Quite a nice little setup!
    But instead of the heavy monitors and junk to stop it from tipping over you could, you know, follow the IKEA instructions and screw it to the wall with the straps or brackets that they include with pretty much EVERYTHING tall enough to hurt a person if it tips over.

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