Mini RGB LED Video Wall With a Netduino Mini and Adafruit LED Strip

Fabien Royer and Bertrand Le Roy wrote in to let us know about their latest creation, an RGB video wall made with a Netduino Mini and an Adafruit LED strip:

What’s not to like about RGB LEDs? With their bright, mesmerizing glow, often capable of displaying millions of colors, they’re a great to way to catch the attention of the viewer. Now, what if you had a 5 meter long RGB LED strip, loaded with 160 RGB LEDs to play with? Oh, the possibilities… It so happens that Adafruit, in their infinite wisdom, carries a very nice RGB LED strip, powered by a LPD8806 driver and encased in a waterproof sleeve.

What about turning it into a mini video wall for instance? Think ‘Times Square’, just smaller :)

PIX-6T4: Building a mini RGB LED video wall using a Netduino and an Adafruit LPD8806 LED strip

In the Maker Shed:


Netduino Mini

Software, meet hardware. The Netduino Mini is an open source electronics platform using the .NET Micro Framework. The board features a 32-bit microcontroller and a rich development environment, making it a perfect solution for engineers and hobbyists alike.

8 thoughts on “Mini RGB LED Video Wall With a Netduino Mini and Adafruit LED Strip

  1. Very pretty I have to admit.

    Would be pretty awesome as well if you combine it with a webcam that monitors your tv/computer screen, and use it as coloured backlighting…
    Obviously, you’d not need the video aspect of the project in that case, more the strip as a solid line again around the edge of your display case, but it’s nifty that simple components can be used with so much versatility thanks to things like the netduino!

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