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This new Grow at Home Mushroom Garden is a bit of a departure from items usually found in the Maker Shed. We’ve noticed a trend toward urban agriculture and sustainable living which are completely embodied by this ingenious garden in a box. The brilliant design allows anyone to grow gourmet mushrooms right from the recycled packaging it arrives in. The soil is made from spent coffee grounds that are being kept out of the urban waste stream (and no, they don’t make the mushrooms taste like coffee.) Simply open the kit, slice open the lining, place it in front of a window, and  spritz it with water (spritzer included) a couple times a day. In as few as 10 days you’ll be able to harvest your first batch of delicious oyster mushrooms. Each kit yields up to 1 1/2 pounds of flavorful fungi in at least 2 crops (but as many as 4.)  We love this kit. We think you will too!


  • Grow up to 1 1/2 lbs of tasty pearl oyster mushrooms
  • Multiple crops (at least 2, though some have got up to 4!)
  • Grow your first crop in as little as 10 days!
  • Just 3 Easy Steps – Open, Mist, and Harvest (spray mister included).
  • All indoors – just set on a kitchen window sill and mist twice a day (mister included)
  • The soil inside is 100% recycled coffee grounds – safe & sustainable
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



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