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As Lego-based cube solvers proliferate, they tend to use PCs or cell phones to do the actual solving of the puzzle, with Lego motors and sensors for the rest. David Gilday’s MindCuber uses only those elements found in a Mindstorms set, and with a sub-2-minute average solve time, still packs impressive results. [Via the NXT Step]

10 thoughts on “MindCuber: A Mindstorms-Only Rubik’s Cube Solver

  1. Amazing! Makes me want to get a set. One problem is only that of its programming language. Its descended from Labview. Although there might be alternative methods out there…..

    Incidentally Using Yahoo! to let me log in to say this causes an error on its screen. Both using the DISQUS one and locally (on the Make Blog page itself.).

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