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I am really bad at following crochet patterns. I am just SO impatient. But I love crocheting. Here is a little roundup of my favorite easy crochet projects that produce cute functional pieces. Do you know of any easy crochet projects? Let me know in a comment below!

33 thoughts on “Easy Crochet Projects

  1. Wash cloths for the kitchen (made out of cotton yarn). Not as exciting as a cute hat or scarf but they are very easy and fast to make and are useful.

  2. You say you’re impatient about crochet patterns, but then the only patterns you post are YouTube videos? I can’t imagine ANYTHING more tedious than having to watch an entire video before I can get started with a pattern. Videos are for teaching people HOW to crochet or how to do a really complicated stitch. “Easy crochet projects?” They are the very last thing I would ever want to watch. I’m interested in these projects, but I’m going to have to skip them, since I don’t have time to watch a video and take notes. PRINTED crochet patterns in the future, please!

    1. I wanted to chime in here because I actually really love to hear our commenters say they dislike video instructions. I feel the same way. I know we didn’t produce these particular videos, but we do make a lot of original how-to content, some of it on video, and the videos are always vastly more expensive in terms of time and labor than the step-by-step diagram-, photograph-, and text-based tutorials. That they are also less desired by our readers is great news.

    2. I really must protest. She never once stated that she put PATTERNS here. I believe that the functional term used was PROJECTS which in no way insinuates patterns. Some people have trouble following patterns [like myself] and enjoy being able to verify our techniques through the video.

      1. I agree with you, I am hopeless at following patterns but have since made four baby dresses which you can’t tell mine from the instructors all by watching videos.
        Kris tine I.

  3. I suggest slippers! So cozy and there are some simple ones for the pattern-phobe!
    Also, what about leg warmers? It seems like those are coming back in style.

  4. Despite what others say, I prefer watching video tutorials on crochet projects. Sure, I might have to stop and go back a few times, but I find them much less confusing that written patterns.

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