Kit-A-Day Giveaway: Defusable Alarm Clock Kit

We’re giving away amazing kits from our new Make: Ultimate Kit Guide EVERY DAY — thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, including MakerBots!

To celebrate the release of our latest publication, the Make: Ultimate Kit Guide 2012 (and its companion website), we’re giving away one of the cool kits reviewed in the issue each day during the holiday season.

Today’s item is a Defusable Alarm Clock Kit (retail value $35). Here’s John Baichtal’s review of the kit from the Guide:

This fully functional alarm clock lets you practice defusing simulated explosives. When the red button is pressed, the clock starts a scary countdown like bombs in Hollywood movies. There are four wires across the top of the clock, and you have ten seconds to choose the correct wire to cut. Programmed with the Arduino IDE, so hack away! Fake explosives not included.

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872 thoughts on “Kit-A-Day Giveaway: Defusable Alarm Clock Kit

  1. So, no snooze on this one I’m guessing?
    I’ll gladly test that out, might actually wake me up.

    Oh, and if the winner of the thing-o-matic doesn’t respond, I’ll gladly take it.
    In fact, I can guarentee 100% that if you gave it to me, I’d take it, so lets just go with the sure thing. ;D

  2. Would love to get this, Holding off till after holiday season though. So I don’t have to explain it to the TSA, when the pieces are spread throughout my carry on,

  3. this is great. just connect this to some tanks of ammonium nitrate and a bunch of fuses for an even more persuasive alarm!

  4. I so want to make some snarky comment about a dead giveaway, but my brain just isn’t helping me out right now.  It would probably be even worse if I get one of these and had to do it under some time pressure.  Then again, that would probably be a good way to avoid seeing some feeble attempt at humor…

  5. Maybe I would actually stand a chance at waking up if I had a bomb I had to defuse. I have a recording of an air-raid siren right now and it doesn’t wake me up.

  6. My son Ted wants me to do this. He loves electronics and is already programming Arduino. We’re both big fans of Make and hope we win this kit!

  7. Oh please! I could so use this as I have a hard time waking up to my current alarm. This would make life with my girlfriend so much easier. (She wakes up far easier than I, so she would benefit the most from it)

  8. My brother-in-law and I saw a movie years ago that involved defusing a bomb.  We thought it would be great fun to send each other puzzle mockups to defuse (not real explosives!).  This would be a great gift.

  9. As a colorblind person, I have lived a lifetime of fear in someday getting the instructions to “cut the RED wire…”

  10. I think you got my email wrong on yesterday’s giveaway, I haven’t been notified yet : (
    If I win this, I would like to give it as a gift to my state’s governor. On second thought, I prefer not to give them an excuse to deport me.

  11. Wow, this is great. I just got into hardware hacking a couple of months ago as I try to use it to teach my daughter how to code and these kits are great. Thanks for the magazine!

  12. Is the code available for this? If so you could add a feature that sets of a model rocket engine igniter if you choose wrong.  That might actually motivate me to get out of bed.

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