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Pocket Size Espresso Machine

Instructables user urant shows us how to turn some copper pipe fittings, lead-free solder, a plastic syringe, and a few odd bits of hardware into a truly pocket-sized espresso maker, complete with integral alcohol stove and boiler.


16 thoughts on “Pocket Size Espresso Machine

  1. Very old school and steampunk-ish. I can imagine seeing something like this in the back of a 19th-century sportsman’s magazine. “Gentleman’s Portable Espresso Outfit: Do not be without one’s proper cup of espresso whilst hunting African elephants and suchlike… Send 48¢ c/o Wentworth & Sons, Bigby Street, London…”

    1. use silver solder like jewerly people use, it’s got a higher melting point, but with that small size heating it up enough shouldn’t be *too* hard… I’ve done it on copper pipe as part of a jewelry project.. I suggest some Mapp gas if someone doesn’t have a full torch setup

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