GHI Electronics Adds Open Source Hardware Offering to Their .NET MF Lineup

Gus from GHI wrote in to let us know that their latest offering, the .NET Gadgeteer-compatible FEZ Hydra, is open source hardware: it includes design files, source code, including firmware that you can compile with GCC. On top of that, they are offering a $500 store coupon to the first person to get Linux running on the Hydra:

GHI Electronics is proudly contributing to the open-source-hardware community and .NET Gadgeteer community. We have released the complete sources for numerous Gadgeteer modules and for FEZ Hydra, which is the first 100% open-source .NET Gadgeteer mainboard. Armed with a 240Mhz ARM9 processor, FEZ Hydra is a powerful solution that’s even capable of running Linux.

What’s special about the NETMF/Gadgeteer board is that its firmware is compiled with open-source GCC compiler. Which means the community is able to modify and contribute easily. The board is also designed in EAGLE, a low-cost professional PCB design software commonly used with open-source hardware.

At only $79.95 for the mainboard and $99.95 for the starter kit, FEZ Hydra is a compelling solution at an affordable price

FEZ Hydra announcement

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