Shortly after we launched Weekend Projects, we took our first stab at circuit bending with Add Volume, Jack, a project which modified any battery-powered audio toy to have line-out capabilities. Since then, we’ve looked at various types of diodes and resistors (Light Theremin), integrated circuits (the LM324 Op-amp and 555 Timer, for example), and fabricated circuits on breadboards, manufactured PC boards, and even etched our own.

So whether you’re a circuit bending specialist looking for your next noise fix, or a Weekend Projects enthusiast looking to add yet another skill to your above-mentioned armory of maker know-how, the Luna Mod Looper is both easy to build and fun to play! Our first use of stripboard, a type of circuit board with parallel strips of copper on one side, this is also our first software-driven project. Everything including the box enclosure is thoroughly documented, and in the end, you’ll be left with just two knobs and a button. One knob controls the sound while the other controls the tempo, and the button writes the current sound to memory. And there you have it, an extremely portable, self-synthesizing electronic noise looper!

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