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Flipping though an in-flight magazine on a recent trip, I came across this fantastically absurd iPhone telephoto lens kit from Photojojo. The sample images I’ve seen are decent considering it’s coming from a handset. The kit comes with a telephoto lens, snap-on case, and a tiny tripod. Perfect for aspiring paparazzi or any portion of the 99% that want to remain a safe distance while diligently documenting #ows. [Hang in there, Amit!]

8 thoughts on “iPhone Telephoto Lens Kit

  1. the tripod is inadequate – the lens makes the iphone very unbalanced; the only way I could use it was to use the clip on and the snap on – use the clip on just to position the tripod; the clip on cannot be positioned correctly on the iphone – also the distance indicator on the lens has no marker – difficult to understand what you are choosing; it works, but it is difficult to use, produces barely satisfactory results.

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