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Holiday Hacking the Makey Robot

Our elves Make: Labs Interns have been working on a little something extra for the holiday season. Every order the Maker Shed fulfills comes with bonus holiday cheer in the form of a wooden laser-cut Makey Robot. It’s our only Christmas wish that, when you open your package from the Maker Shed, you immediately hack Makey and send us the pictures. Cover Makey with a mosaic of PCB, glue him to your Festivus Pole, put him on your Christmas tree right next to your Flying Spaghetti Monster ornament, or make a wreath with old wire and cords and add Makey instead of a bow.

Tweet photos with the hashtag #MakeHolidays or #MakeyRobot, or post them to our Facebook wall. We will be on the look out for hacked ornaments, and rewarding the best shots with prizes from the Maker Shed.

Friend of MAKE, Kent K. Barnes, aka kentkb, used his Survival Pack and added blinking LED eyes. He posted shots in his I Made This! Flickr set, and included them in the MAKE Flickr pool. And just like that the holiday season got a little brighter. And a little blinky-er.