Well, after a little downtime (who am I kidding, things have been freakin’ insane), I haven’t (yet) fallen off the face of the earth, and have another “Tiny Yellow House” episode for you. I designed, pre-fabricated, hauled, and then re-assembled a treehouse I’ve dubbed “The Wolfe’s Den” (Wolfe being the last name of the woman I built it for), and luckily had Steven Sherrick of Modern Vintage Productions to help document the laborious process.

This triangular treehouse was assembled in the Catskills over two weekends, and stands as one of the larger projects I’ve tackled for the show. My only given parameters for the design: “It must receive a good deal of natural light, and have enough space to sleep two (floor space)”.

Its another design loosely based off my “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” book- a new version will be out through The Lyons Press on February 1st (available for preorder on Amazon).

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