My kids are big Pokemon fans, so I can’t wait to show them this rad Bulbasaur quilt from Craftster user, SoreLoser. It took more than a year to complete and has a whopping 848 squares. Impressive! [via Geek Crafts]

6 thoughts on “Pokemon Bulbasaur Afghan

  1. Oh. My. God. I have a new aspiration in life. Ever since I learned to crochet about a month & 1/2 ago, I have been slamming our projects left and right (dunno why I can never get any knitting project larger than a headband out that fast) including several dozen granny squares for an Afghan, a PokeBall hat, and most of a Cyndaquil Amigurumi (there are many more, but I’m only mentioning the relevant ones). This is any true crocheting Pokemon fan’s ULTIMATE GOAL. Not necessarily Bulbasaur, because theoretically you could do any sprite, but now that I’ve seen how amazing this looks and know it can be done….oh it is SO being done. GOTTA’ HOOK ‘EM ALL!!!!!!!!!

    Also, to the lovely creator: You are amazing, your kids are so lucky to have you as a mom, and you are SO RAD for understanding their Pokemon love and being willing to support it in such an amazing way. Also, thank you a thousand times for the greatest idea I could ever ask for.

  2. Aaaand I feel like an idiot for not properly reading, lol. Didn’t realize the Mom wanting to show the Pokemon afghan to her munchkins didn’t make it. My bad, this is what I get for crusing Craft/Make when I’m drugged and exhausted.

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