Tri-Color Floating Glow Display

Going back through my Weekend Projects notes, I realized I never got around to properly thanking Mike and his daughter Jessica who brought their patriotic tri-color mod of the Floating Glow Display to World Maker Faire in September. Read more »

Snow Cone DIY

I’m sure lots of folks are putting Christmas trees away this week, but here’s a project from Heidi Kenney that I think would be fun to make any time of the year! Head over to her blog for a tutorial on how to make these snow cones yourself. Read more »

Breaking into Making: A Meditation

At what point did you know you were a "maker?" Making springs from an insatiable need to learn about, dissect, and modify. For some this impulse came early, for others, it didn’t arise until later. Maybe you were the kid who could always fix a broken bike, or you dug... Read more »

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Rachel Le Grand

Rachel Le Grand is amazing. Her work is diverse, but she clearly imprints her personal style on everything she does. How? With a well defined color palette, a love of vintage, and stunning photography. One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of 1. My craft room. It was a fun challenge... Read more »