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Start your new year with a project inspired by Aileen of Creating Clever. Create your own manifesto that can hang in your living room and remind you of your goals.

6 thoughts on “How To: Make Your New Years Manifesto

  1. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the nice comments – if anyone makes their own I would love to put it in a gallery over at creatingclever – that way you get to inspire others.
    send it to aileen (@)

  2. Hi- just wondering if you wouldn’t mind posting/emailing this Manifesto in a word/power point version- so I/others could use your outline/format to create one of our own….YOU are extremely talented and why reinvent the wheel when I have no clue. :) It would be easy to change the words to fit our own lives- but love, love, LOVE the format and design you have given this. #agirlcandream

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