This is the seventh installment of my ongoing series on building the MakerGear Mosaic 3D printer.

This part covers installation and wiring of the electronics that control the printer. First, the Arduino and attached RAMP shield are mounted on the printer frame. Second, connections from the build platform wiring harness, the extruder wiring harness, and other components are clipped to the PCB. Finally, the power supplies are connected, and formal assembly of the printer is complete.

There’s still a bit to do to get it up and running, and the details of just how to do that will vary with the details of the computer and software you use.  Marcus Dobeck and Rick Pollack have prepared a Getting Started PDF that’s got me most of the way there, already. Thanks to Marcus, Rick, Karen Pollack, Richard Goodwin and everyone  else who offered advice and answered questions during the build.  Stay tuned for more updates about how to get it printing, and look for the Mosaic to feature in some very cool desktop manufacturing coverage we’ve got planned for the coming year.