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MAKE Flickr Pool Weekly Roundup

Our featured image from the MAKE Flickr pool this week is by regular contributor Peter Barvoets, aka lookseeseen. Its subject is a glowing Geissler tube (Wikipedia), an early type of low-pressure gas discharge tube invented in Germany in 1857. Peter has another great shot of the same tube here.

large geissler tube from lookseeseen.

DIY RockyLogic Ant8 cable, cable connected

DIY RockyLogic Ant8 cable, cable connected from Uwe Hermann.

RPG7 Gnome Painted in Leaves

RPG7 Gnome Painted in Leaves from thorssoli.


Monochron from Scott McKittrick.

Puzzle hound from 3D King.


Doodad from pew.pew.pew.

8 Bit Electric Ladyland

8 Bit Electric Ladyland from owenscenic.


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