Light Theremin on Upcycled Dot Matrix Printer Board

Remember, just because Weekend Projects is on break at the moment, that doesn’t mean you can’t send us your stories and pictures of your mods! Belfast-based hacker David writes in with this awesome upcycled Light Theremin, built on an otherwise discarded dot matrix printer circuit board. He explains:

I’m a keen recycler of components as I was brought up with through hole components and their price has risen dramatically over time due to their being replaced by SMT. With our throwaway society and the decreasing lifespan of electronic devices there is an endless supply of free components if you are prepared to strip a few devices.

I decided to build the light theramin and found a suitable bare PCB from a dot matrix printer control panel which had been stripped to harvest touch buttons for arduino projects.

After trying the 555 timer a few different ways in the 16 pin DIL pad, I found one orientation which worked well and constructed the rest of the circuit around it using the existing tracks, using a few jumpers when required.

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