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Hexcopter Drone Platform Kit on Kickstarter (UPDATED)

UPDATE (1/26/2012 2:56 pm Pacific: Kickstarter funding for the eye3 project was canceled by the project creator.

UPDATE: Since posting this, I’ve received a number of emails about this Kickstarter project and Lumenlab, the company behind it. Some people have complained that they have placed large orders for Lumenlab kits but have not received them. Before giving money to this Kickstarter campaign, I suggest that you visit the following web pages and read them carefully:

Lumen Labs Forum

MicRo-CNC Yahoo Group/<

Eye3 topic on DIY Drones

Eye3 Comments on Kickstarter

I’ve also asked Grayson and Kellie Sigler to respond to these concerns.

If you have already made a pledge to the eye3 project and want to cancel it, here is Kickstarter’s explanation of how to cancel a pledge.


This looks cool — a flying robotic camera platform called the eye3. It’s on Kickstarter and is being developed by Kellie and Grayson Sigler.

eye3 is a project to create a professional quality yet affordable flying robotic camera platform, or Drone. Almost anyone attempting to build a platform like the eye3 will be stunned by the complexity involved and the years of hands on experience needed to create a functional, safe device. The incredibly steep learning curve combined with the high cost of failure has kept this powerful tool out of the hands of thousands of creative people.

We Can Make Aerial Photography Easy for You

My husband and I have been building, programming and flying these complex machines for many years, giving us the knowledge and experience to produce a high performance flying robot in a low cost kit that practically anyone can assemble. Cinematographers, journalists, scientists, hobbyists: eye3 has the power, stability, automation and precision you need to produce professional results.


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