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Boombox in a Toolbox

Chances are, if you’ve got something with sufficient volume and a rigid body, you can probably put a speaker in it. With a little trial and error you can come up with a unique speaker enclosure that will be both pleasing to the eye and appealing to the ear. In the above video Chicagoland maker Floyd A. Davis IV of Artpentry shows you how it’s done using a toolbox, some salvaged drivers, an amp, and some speaker wire. [via Übergizmo]

14 thoughts on “Boombox in a Toolbox

  1. About ten years ago, one of my friends built the Pan Galactic Ghetto Blaster, a hefty boombox in a shiny toolbox. (More pictures!) It was powered by a couple of motorcycle batteries, could jumpstart a car, and could run an outdoor dance for several hours. He brought it to a convention, and it competed fairly successfully with the DJ sound system at the other end of the building which was powered from wall outlets.

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