Craft & Design Paper Crafts

These paper garments from Julie VonDerVellen are stunning. Anne of All Things Paper shares Julie’s beautiful work that celebrates special memories by capturing them in handmade paper and constructing clothing and shoes with the paper.

Garments evoke memories; memories evoke garments. My research expands upon traditional storytelling and memoir presentation. Significant moments — personal stories and those of friends and families — are interwoven into handmade paper crafted from recycled cotton clothing. The paper, acting as fabric, is layered with a narrative specifically tailored to the event. The garments are re-creations of actual attire surrounding each of the significant moments. My paper weaving technique — a process of interlacing objects with memories — attempts to redefine the commonplace book structure with chapters emerging from seams. The garments reveal new beginnings, tragedies, life lessons and notable achievements. Memories evoke garments; garments evoke memories.

Julie’s web site showcases all her pieces, along with descriptions of the memories represented in each one.