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Super Slow Motion Canon DSLR Shutter Action

Destin of Smarter Every Day took the lens off his Canon 60D, pointed a Phantom Flex high speed video camera at the shutter, and took a picture. The exposure cycle happens in four stages and lasts less than a tenth of a second in real time, but the Phantom Flex stretches that action out to almost a full minute of screen time at YouTube framerates. Udi Tirosh of breaks it down. [Thanks, Udi!]

4 thoughts on “Super Slow Motion Canon DSLR Shutter Action

  1. The photography students at RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia did this in 1975 comparing a Nikon Nikkormat SLR with ( I think )a Minolta using a HyCam high speed film camera at an even higher frame rate. As cameras were not made to the same tolerances in those days there was more wobble and bounce in the mirrors. I seem to remember we found the Minolta to be smoother.

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