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test tube chandelier.jpg
This test tube chandelier is so rad and can be interpreted in a million ways. How would you spin it? Designed by The Maria S.C. lamp, designed by Pani Jurek, found on Design Milk.
rainbow test tube chandelier.jpg

14 thoughts on “Test Tube Chandelier

  1. This is fabulous. I love how the flowers give it a woodsy/chic feel and the bright colors make it more of a pop statement.

  2. This is reall fabulous, BUT, you are right about the cleaning and what about replacing a tube if you should break? Nevertheless, it is still a great fixture.

  3. Love it!!!! Test tubes are plastic now, at least where I work. This would be so inexpensive.
    oK so how do you make it????

  4. This is so creative & lovely! I have a couple of cases of test tubes, glass, but I’ll use them anyway……I gave some as gifts in cool old wooden test tube holders to use as vases or shooter servers.
    I would love to have instructions on how to make this!!

  5. A unique one indeed. Very creative and artistic. The hanging flower even makes the chandelier more beautiful. And even makes it look like easy to make. Thank you for sharing.

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